Website Builder & WordPress Blog Installer

Build your own site in minutes with easy web templates. Add a blog, too!

With our simple point-and-click website builder, everybody (yes, that means you too!) can quickly and easily create their own professional — looking websites. Choose from a wide variety of pre-built website templates that are customized by business type, such as Automotive, Construction, and Real Estate. Then just add your own text and images, and click to publish. It's also easy to integrate widgets like Google maps, display your business's Facebook wall posts, and set up simple interactive online forms.

Plus, with the WordPress Installer in your Web Hosting Control Panel, it's also quick and easy to start your own blog. WordPress is the world's #1 blogging platform.

Mobile Website Builder

Market to Smartphone & tablet users. Features click-to-call & click-to-map.*

More and more people are browsing the web and shopping online from their smartphones and tablets. To effectively reach and profit from this growing market, you get a fully responsive mobile website:

  • Depending on your package you will get a one-page or fully responsive mobile site optimized for & tablets.
  • Click-to-call feature helps turn website visitors into telephone leads.
  • Click-to-map feature makes it easy for customers to find your business location.

eCommerce Store Creator

It's easy to build a web store with a feature rich shopping cart. Start selling online!

Are you ready to start selling your products or services online? Our eCommerce Store Creator makes it easy with a full- featured online shopping cart solution that can transform a basic business website into an effective online store. The advanced functionality of the shopping cart tool allows you to optimize your store smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, and even help you sell products and services directly on your Facebook business page.

Email Marketing

Get tools to create email newsletters and email marketing campaigns. Track results, too!

Email marketing can help support your website and grow your business. With Announcer Pro, you'll be able to create compelling email newsletters or other marketing emails, manage customer contact lists, and track the success of your email marketing campaigns (open rates, bounce backs, etc.) in real-time.

Announcer Pro also helps your social media marketing by making it easy for recipients to share your communications with friends and followers on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Business Email @ Your Domain

Get 100 - 1,000 email addresses at your domain. Enjoy built-in spam, virus protection and business-class productivity tools.

Did you know that customers tend to trust businesses more when they use professional email addresses? To build a successful brand and win customers' trust, all your business emails should come from domain based addresses like or

With EarthLink Web Hosting services, you'll get 100-1000 email boxes (depending on your plan) with 3GB of storage for each, plus automatic spam and virus protection. Access your email with clients like Microsoft® Outlook, on the web with EarthLink Webmail, or even your smartphone. Stay super productive by being able to compose social posts right from your email & add collaborators to tasks with TaskBox. Plus, connect and manage external email accounts (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) to simplify email management.

Search Engine Marketing & Optimizations

Submit your site to 40+ web directories & search engines. Optimize webpages for top keywords.

EasySiteOptimizer is an advanced SEO tool that can help you optimize your website so it gets found in search engine results and generates more traffic.

It offers a suite of tools to help you select keywords for each page of your website, analyze site content and layout, identify areas that require changes or enhancements, and your submit webpages to top search engines including Google, Bing™, and Yahoo!®. To use it, all you need is a web browser.

In addition to all the included extras above, EarthLink Web Hosting offers these and other add-on features...


Go mobile and get faxes on your laptop or Smartphone. Save money. Ditch the fax phone line.

EarthLink Fax to Email is as mobile as you are. Skip lurking by your fax machine and start receiving faxes right in your personal email inbox–or even on your mobile phone. Save on long distance, fax paper and that second phone line, and enhance confidentiality. Simply select the package, based on pages sent and received, that best suits your needs.

SSL Certificates

A GeoTrust®-branded SSL certificate gives your customers confidence that information they submit via your website is secure.

A GeoTrust branded SSL certificate gives your customers confidence that information they submit via your website is secure. SSL certification increases the credibility of any website and is a necessary security credential for any transactional site. Secure your website with SSL Premium or True Business ID.

Quick SSL® Premium

Domain authentication. A business requesting a domain authenticated certificate must verify that it either owns the domain requested or that it has the right to use that domain name.

  • Up to 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • 2048-bit root
  • GeoTrust® True Site Seal with date/time stamp
  • Issued in minutes
  • $100K warranty

True BusinessID

Full organization authentication. True BusinessID requires verification of an organization's existence through a government issued business credential. This certificate represents a higher level of credibility.

  • Up to 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • 2048-bitroot
  • GeoTrust®TrueSiteSeal with company name, date/time stamp
  • Issued within 3 days
  • $100K warranty